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Construction Services 

Scherrer's team-managed construction process offers single-source responsibility to ensure efficiency, value, and a personalized, memorable building experience. 


Construction Services

For almost a century, our top priority has been constructing buildings that are functional, cost-effective, and have a timeless aesthetic. Our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service has earned us multiple construction awards, including the esteemed Builder of the Year award.

We take a team-managed approach to every aspect of the construction process, ensuring efficient and effective project management from start to finish. Each system and process we have in place is designed to add value to your investment, providing a personalized and memorable experience throughout the construction process. This commitment to excellence is at the heart of our firm and we are dedicated to delivering it to you.

Communication Strategies

Ensuring clear and efficient communication is a top priority for our team and our clients, with the shared goal of project success. Our approach includes a combination of virtual and in-person meetings, as well as regular progress reports to keep all stakeholders informed.

Additionally, we leverage advanced communication technologies such as Procore, to manage, share and securely store all project documentation.

By utilizing these tools and techniques, we ensure that everyone involved in the project is fully informed and that all necessary information is easily accessible at all times.

Cost Control

Our team will collaborate closely with the architect to ensure that all value-added techniques are implemented and accurately documented throughout the project.

To maintain strong cost controls during construction, we utilize advanced estimating and accounting software.

Additionally, our project manager conducts regular cost monitoring and predictive analysis to identify any variances and quickly implement corrective measures if required. We are fully committed to leveraging our expertise and technology to  deliver your project on time and within budget.

Disruption Avoidance

Disruption avoidance is crucial when working on projects in an operating building. Prior to bidding, we determine the areas, hours of operation, and safe tolerance for construction.

This allows us to create a program that outlines required phasing, construction hours, and controls to be built into the subcontracts and master schedule. Controls can include air, sound, and thermal barriers, as well as administrative solutions like off-hours construction.

We measure the effectiveness of these controls through consistent communication with the owner and weekly owner meetings.

Inspiring Projects Built with Integrity