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Commercial Construction - Wisconsin

Developing Business Growth Through Commercial Construction

Scherrer Construction is a commercial general contractor that transforms business visions into reality, driving growth with commercial spaces designed to elevate brand presence and ensure operational excellence.

Lynch Mukwonago car dealership - a commercial construction project designed and built by Scherrer Construction in central Wisconsin.

Transforming Commercial Enterprises into Inviting Establishments

We are your general contractor and construction management partner in commercial construction. Our expertise transforms business spaces, fostering growth, efficiency, and prosperity within dynamic industries.

Commercial Success Created Here

We specialize in constructing various commercial facilities such as car dealerships, equipment dealerships, banks, grocery stores. With our extensive experience in commercial construction, we aim to help owners achieve their desired design and functionality that exceed their expectations. Our services cover everything from site selection to project close-out, ensuring that we deliver on our promises to assist you throughout the entire process.


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Our new building was completed ahead of schedule, within agreed financial parameters and with the highest construction standards. The bottom line is that I would do it all over again with Scherrer Construction. In fact, I just hired them to build an office in one of our other facilities.


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