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Referendum Services

Partner with us for comprehensive referendum planning, community engagement, and impactful results in educational facility growth.


Pre-Referendum & Referendum Communications Support

Scherrer excels in school referendum support across Wisconsin, ensuring communities realize their educational aspirations. We're committed to helping clients achieve their goals through the construction and maintenance of high-quality schools and facilities. 
We recognize the importance of a thorough pre-referendum plan in achieving success, which is why we collaborate closely with clients to ensure all aspects of the plan are addressed and carried out effectively.
Our team is dedicated to working alongside clients to inform the public and rally the community. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we deliver positive referendum outcomes that make a lasting impact on the community.
Our referendum support services include: 

  • Assist with facilities studies, master planning, and community surveys
  • Develop conceptual estimates to establish budgets for the various options being explored
  • Provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to be used as the referendum dollar amount
  • Develop preliminary construction schedules to show completion dates or possible phasing options
  • Develop a communications plan with action items and goal dates
  • Facilitate committee and set tasks
  • Design digital and traditional communication tools, including posters, direct mail, and media campaigns
  • Conduct public information meetings

Leverage our experience building educational and municipal facilities.

Scherrer Construction has completed thousands of projects, earning a reputation for quality and satisfying clients for over 90 years.


Referendum Success Rate


School Districts Served


of our work dedicated to school and municipal construction.

Master Planning & Facilities Studies

Our pre-construction team assesses each facility's ability to accommodate changes, expansions, tenant movements, redevelopments, and campus security.

We design tailored solutions that support uninterrupted district operations and community engagement.

Scherrer Construction also aids in planning and executing community surveys.

Customized Communications Plan

Our experienced team is here to assist you in designing and implementing a personalized referendum campaign tailored to your school district's unique needs.

We collaborate with you at every step to create a comprehensive timeline complete with essential milestones and individual responsibilities to ensure success.

Print, Digital Design, & Production

Our marketing department creates effective digital and traditional marketing communications. Our designers create materials with your direction, provide final files in a usable format, and assist with printing and mailing.

Community Engagement & Event Support

Our marketing and business managers collaborate with the referendum committee to develop effective strategies aimed at promoting and energizing a 'yes' vote.

Our approach involves the creation of a compelling message, fundraising, identification of target audiences, and more. We explore various options for community meetings, rallies, and special events and serve as a valuable resource for campaign ideas.

Our goal is to ensure that the strategies developed are impactful and successful in achieving the desired outcome.

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