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Self-Perform Construction Services

Scherrer Construction's skilled team excels in self-perform construction, ensuring control, efficiency, and exceptional local craftsmanship & supervision for every project.


Local Craftsmen: Pride in Local Legacy

Our local trades teams are highly skilled in concrete, masonry, demolition, and carpentry. The team has an average of 20 years of experience with us, guaranteeing superior results.

Harnessing local talent not only supports our community but instills a sense of ownership and pride.


Concrete Services

With decades of experience, our seasoned crews ensure solid, lasting concrete structures every time. We offer a range of commercial concrete services to meet your needs, including pouring, finishing, and repair. Our experienced team ensures quality and timely completion of projects.


Our masonry services cover commercial projects including additions, maintenance, renovations, and new construction. We provide Scherrer quality workmanship for new builds and renovation projects.

Selective Demolition

We are experts in commercial construction demolition. Many of our new construction and renovation projects include demolition as part of the project. By mastering key demolition phases, we exert unparalleled schedule control with minimum disruption to existing businesses and schools. This precision safeguards all critical milestones, guaranteeing timely and efficient project progression.

Carpentry Expertise

Our carpenters are dedicated to quality and have unmatched experience. They ensure accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions for each project.Our carpenters offer a wide range of commercial carpentry services, including but not limited to custom cabinetry, interior finishes, and millwork installation.

Inspiring Projects Built with Integrity